Rachael and Alex Have A Party
June 21, 2003

One of the nice things that happens when Mother and Son are born in the same month is that we get to throw a big party for the two of them on the same day and get it over with. 

Here are shots of the festivities. You'll enjoy them, or else.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Image1.jpg (32081 bytes)
The Birthday Girl
Alex.jpg (19964 bytes)
The Birthday Boy
Dscf1132.jpg (23193 bytes)
The Chef and BDG.
Dscf1128.jpg (25697 bytes)
The Ma/Grandma with cousin Allan.
Dscf1241.jpg (32394 bytes)
The Grand/Greatgrandma and cousin Buzzy.
pshop2.jpg (31423 bytes)
"The Goils."

Their work will be done tomorrow after the Wedding Shower for The Aunt

Dscf1226.jpg (38473 bytes)
The "Out-a-towners" and Diana.
neencheese.jpg (28155 bytes)
The Aunt looking questionable.
Dscf1088.jpg (42950 bytes)
Uncle Steve, Cousin's Jimmy and Missy and Sister Ashley.

(Actually, that should read "sister, Ashley" but I liked it better, the wrong way.)

Dscf1104.jpg (34340 bytes)
Sheila and Will, here for Bill.


Dscf1310.jpg (41152 bytes)
Cousins and Aunt Martha.
Dscf1323.jpg (37217 bytes)
RachAlexBdayGroup.jpg (53080 bytes)
This was a quick shot of everybody at the party except for the few who weren't in the picture.

(That is so profound, dontchathink?)

Dscf1314.jpg (32080 bytes)
"Thanks for the cool box, Jimmy!"
Dscf1202.jpg (40936 bytes)
Deprive a boy of his presents and he will find other ways to amuse himself.
Dscf1197.jpg (30590 bytes)
If left alone, he will identify a willing playmate and corrupt him into participating.

"You Go, Kid!"

Dscf1229.jpg (36790 bytes)
Of course, "Yo Mama" will find out and have to clean up the mess.
Dscf1238.jpg (29792 bytes)
And your Grandpa will find the most embarrassing moment to immortalize in pixels.
Dscf1214.jpg (45740 bytes)
You may even incur the wrath of "Daddyzilla".
Dscf1246.jpg (49952 bytes)
But, you are sure to become Jimmy's football if you don't move fast.

(Oh wait, you are havin' too much fun. This doesn't seem like it's a bad thing.)

Dscf1312.jpg (32775 bytes)
Proud Father and Daugher.

 ("That is a picture I could have done without!")

Dscf1243.jpg (29807 bytes)
Perhaps the next family event.
Dscf1112.jpg (32707 bytes)
Jimmy said he will never stop wearing his hat backwards. I'll bet he will after he gets his Masters at Utah State and gets a real job. 

Missy doesn't seem to have any bad habits to break, yet. Mom seems happy with them both. 

Dscf1263.jpg (33821 bytes)
If the angle of this photo doesn't make you sick, you are free to enjoy some of the "Thomas" cake.
Dscf1287.jpg (37088 bytes)
Mom and Son blow out candles.
Dscf1290.jpg (38339 bytes)
They do the traditional "Victory Clap" after extinguishing a small forest fire atop the cake.
Dscf1274.jpg (41385 bytes)
The Goils
Dscf1319.jpg (39478 bytes)
Matt is trying to avoid being seen with a baby because if he marries his nice young lady, the parents are sure to start harping about when they will start working on the first Bohm  grandchild.
Dscf1305.jpg (21515 bytes)
I have another cake in the face photo of Bailey somewhere on the website from a year ago. 

(Same kid... Same Cake?)

Img_8323.jpg (29757 bytes)
Will has the right idea. He wants to play on the slide, not on the box.
Dscf1212.jpg (32481 bytes)
"Yeah? Well I dare you to catch me, Dad!"
Dscf1125.jpg (45666 bytes)

The Party scene as seen from the sea, see?



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