NSA Scenes from 2003

    I travel the world (well, ok, just the United States) with a fine group of people who have the same weird life as I. Since I often speak of them, here are some photos of the group. This is my home away from home and these are pictures of my friends in action.

    Many of the captions contain inside jokes that may perplex you. If you don't get it then it wasn't intended for your edification. You may call or email me for an explanation. However, I warn you that I may not answer. I will not rat out my friends. What happens here stays here, except for the incriminating photos.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

Bob Faux does the Hula describing where, when and why FedEx comes to St. Louis on a Friday.

It was a moving experience. You should have been there.


WineGroupWeb.jpg (34002 bytes)
So what do we do when we're on the way to the next city? 

Sometimes we stop.

Sometimes we drink. 

Sometimes we stop and drink.

Sometimes we're just happy!

Dinner.jpg (35547 bytes)
We didn't just drink. We ate, too, thanks to Steve and his rollicking' crew.
WillowP1.jpg (29493 bytes)
Ok, so we have a weird sense of humor, too.
LisaButt1.jpg (22769 bytes)
Lisa just can't get enough of 'em.
RebMaxDave.jpg (36025 bytes)
You just never know who you're going to meet coming out of the restroom at a rest stop. Talk about weird... 

Do you think Dave's happy to see Rebecca or that he's happy because he had a meaningful experience in the restroom?

MarcTruck1.jpg (46972 bytes)
Thank god for our truck driver...oops, I mean Mark. 

Sorry Mark.


LarryHat1.jpg (36731 bytes)
Larry started it, mom. I swear he did. Then he forced Bob to join him in the stupid hat game.
RegBobHat1.jpg (30091 bytes)
Larry still wins. Bob has too much dignity to pull off a convincing stupid hat day.

Reg, on the other hand....

MammyReg1.jpg (33445 bytes)
I swear that I've never seen Reg drink anything stronger than milk. Ok, occasionally chocolate milk.

What got into him?

TLandBday.jpg (28398 bytes)
The crowd was watching Mike tell them about Teresa's past, which was quite a past, wasn't it?
CarolLarry2.jpg (21072 bytes)
I don't know why Carol wanted this photo but here it is. I wouldn't want to be seen with Larry. 
LandCrowd.jpg (33510 bytes)
The group is watching Teresa Land's birthday celebration dedication.
BobGroup1.jpg (65235 bytes)
Never let it be said that we don't have fun or have a sense of humor. Of course, Bob may not think it's funny, but the look on any of his faces seems to contradict that notion.
Truck.jpg (52133 bytes)
One of the nice things about NSA is how well we treat the hired help. Here is just another truck driver on his daily rounds. Notice the sickly smile on his face? Ask him why!
NSA31.jpg (40769 bytes) NSA60.jpg (42176 bytes)
Why do these guys not appear happy? They have popcorn and soda and it's a slow day in the annex. I was ecstatic.
NSA33.jpg (41190 bytes)
  NSA35.jpg (30806 bytes)  NSA41.jpg (44162 bytes)  NSA45a.jpg (41476 bytes)
Sing it: "You light up my life..." Here are shots of Dave's sartorial excellence. Usually I reserve my accolades for his tie-dyed ensemble but this imitation of a '56 Chevy I once owned deserves its own space. Dave doesn't understand that I only give a 3 shot block to people I really respect. If he ever appears naked, he will get his own page... hell, maybe even his own website!
NSA37.jpg (40503 bytes) NSA38.jpg (49693 bytes) NSA42.jpg (41355 bytes)  NSA40.jpg (37669 bytes)
Lisa before (L) and after (R) her Photoshop surgery. She had a chest reconstruction. 
(Heck... on Lisa it was almost a complete room addition.) 
NSA34.jpg (29910 bytes)  NSA32.jpg (50413 bytes)
The Famous Tongue and The Famous Cup. 
NSA43.jpg (46102 bytes)
We had dinner with Bonnie in Birmingham.

(I just liked the sound of that phrase.)

NSA36.jpg (51804 bytes) NSA39.jpg (40333 bytes)
Janita with her own head.
NSA44.jpg (50347 bytes)
NSA46.jpg (48816 bytes) NSA47.jpg (39465 bytes) NSA53.jpg (48417 bytes)
NSA48.jpg (37128 bytes) NSA49.jpg (43156 bytes)
Truly a God among Men. Bob is the only man I have a shrine to in my office. It is because he really demonstrates fearlessness and creativity in self-deprecation. 
NSA50.jpg (51112 bytes)
These guys are having way too little fun, donchathink?
NSA51.jpg (42290 bytes)
I did a meeting with Ray's wife Larraine. She's great! So is he.
NSA52.jpg (46896 bytes) NSA54.jpg (28367 bytes)
NSA55.jpg (22934 bytes)
Steve is a shell of his former self. I would like to look this good but I'd have to stop eating first. No way, no how.
NSA56.jpg (44168 bytes)
Ah, Gary. That's all we can say. Ah... Gary.

(Is there anyone alive in the business who doesn't have an American Ad Bag in their office, closet, trunk, garage, showroom or storage facility?)

NSA57.jpg (48962 bytes)
I think I saw Eddie angry once. I'm not sure, but it might have happened.
NSA58.jpg (64787 bytes)
What a full row looks like. Some are much worse. On a hot day in a crowded hotel, you get a taste of what hell must be like for suppliers who don't go where dogs go when they die..
NSA59.jpg (51657 bytes)
Maxwell is my bestest road buddy. Everybody likes her. 
NSA63.jpg (95271 bytes)
Steve Green speaks with one of our suppliers who is in the Witless Protection Program and can't be shown.


NSA61.jpg (87556 bytes)
Our women are very protective of our men. I believe they got him matching black briefs to go with the mask they force him to wear. 
NSA64.jpg (48785 bytes) NSA62.jpg (57935 bytes)
Debbie thinks this is her best side.
NSA66.jpg (34585 bytes)
Hey Jay... Guess who Frank is on the phone with?
NSA73.jpg (37884 bytes)
Frank without Jay hanging off his ear.
NSA74.jpg (35429 bytes)
It's ok, Frank. Thanks for smiling, Phena.
NSA75.jpg (29831 bytes)
Gary, what Gary? We don't need no stinkin' Gary. We got Steve.
NSA72.jpg (32571 bytes)
Whynot Minot?
NSA71.jpg (39991 bytes)
Our brain trust is plotting something, dontchathink?


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