September 2002 Photos

Cincinnati, Dayton, Columbus Ohio BNEA trip. Somewhere there is a September page that tells what is happening here but I lost it in the confusion. 

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

Bruce11.jpg (18864 bytes)
From Bruce and Nowell's Excellent Ohio Adventure. Bruce is leaving a cave in a park who's name I cannot remembver.
Pano7caves1sm.jpg (43842 bytes)
Panoramic view of one of the 7 Caves in OH. (G2) It is a six shot stitched panorama using Canon Photo Stitch.
EatAtJoes1.jpg (43832 bytes)
Kentucky from the Ohio side of the river. Nice lights, huh? (G2)
Leaves1.jpg (55552 bytes)
Leaves on a post at the Glen Helen Raptor Center. (G2)
Chicago1.jpg (66838 bytes)
Chicago from a flight to Cincinnati. I had to shoot over the shoulder of a woman near the window. (G2).
ShellPump1.jpg (52083 bytes)
Hebron OH, Gas pumps across from the Turtle Creek Lebanon train station. (G2)


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