Marie Gates Xmas Dinner

December 21, 2002

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I should have known it would be different when I dropped by the house at 8am and Marie was still in her jammies. Perry was elbow deep in chopped veggies making some kind of dip of himself. 

At two, there was a little more progress... the house was still in upheaval but there was food on the counter. Ah, progress.

As usual, a great time was had by all. Here are some snapshots.

(As usual, click on the small picture to get the big picture.)

MG-PJ1.jpg (40443 bytes)
The nice couple who worked their tushies off. 
AlexFish.jpg (50514 bytes)
Ho, Ho, Ho!
Food2.jpg (51953 bytes)
There is a lot of food here.
Food1.jpg (61908 bytes)
As usual... too much food.
TooManyCooks.jpg (47684 bytes)
I'm not kidding.
DTooch1.jpg (64448 bytes)
These people cannot even stand anymore from the amount of food they were required to eat.
Deb1.jpg (55448 bytes)
DebDog gives a gift.
TexFrog1.jpg (44816 bytes)
Tex finds a frog.
JodyFrog1.jpg (46484 bytes)
"Hey Tex, Is that a frog in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?"

Jody don't care... ribbit, ribbit!

AlexClue1.jpg (47905 bytes)
We love watching Alex look for her present. She and her friends really get into the chase.
AlexClue2.jpg (52525 bytes)
No matter where the clue leads, she will be there looking for it. 
AlexPrize.jpg (34673 bytes)
It's always worth it when she finds the big box!


MattScoot2.jpg (35840 bytes)
Every year the kids big present must be found by following the clues on a treasure hunt. 
MattScoot3.jpg (44191 bytes)
It is a really good thing that Matt has good friends or he would have left for Michigan with coal in his sock. He is getting too lazy for big presents because he doesn't want to play the game anymore.
MattScoot1.jpg (23957 bytes)
Oh sure, now he looks happy. Before this he was whining about having to chase all over for clues. I guess if the payoff is big enough....


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