The Miramar Air Show October 2002

A stellar performance by the USD Symphony Orchestra at the Miramar Air Show also showcased 65 other musicians including the Marine Band as well as our gal Diana.

As usual, click on the small picture to see the big picture.

Our favorite fiddler in full bow.
Angela1.jpg (33300 bytes)
Angela. "Are we having fun yet?"
GyHayes4.jpg (33792 bytes)
GySgt Hayes. He's havin' fun!
Angela3.jpg (41294 bytes)
Angela again. She's serious now.
MirAir1.jpg (45912 bytes)
I got to record. 
MirAir2.jpg (36988 bytes)
There are fireworks, and then there are FIREWORKS!
MirAir4.jpg (38277 bytes) MirAir3.jpg (37526 bytes)
Sandra got a good view from the flight line. 

40,000 envious people behind her. 

Angela2.jpg (31196 bytes) MirAir5.jpg (13451 bytes)
This is what happens when you are allowed to play with matches around a few hundred gallons of gasoline.
JetTruck3.jpg (10338 bytes)
Stick three jet engines on a truck and you go fast and make a big noise.
MiramarSunset1.jpg (19394 bytes)
Sunset on the flight line before the orchestra arrives.
nset2.jpg (20455 bytes)
Helicopters playing tag at sunset.
BlueAngels1.jpg (46426 bytes)
Stealth fighter landing. It is really quiet. Must be a problem if you're on the ground and it's angry with you.
Parachute1.jpg (23208 bytes) Parachute2.jpg (18350 bytes)
Watch your head. Parachutists land where they want. 
Stealth1.jpg (32446 bytes) WallOfFire.jpg (19118 bytes)
This is what happens when you play with matches around a few hundred thousand gallons of gasoline. 

updated 10/28/02

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