Connie Riley is a ..... (gasp!)....

Yep, had to happen sometimes. Give your kids insufficient sex education and the next thing you know, they're reproducing like bunnies. Oh well, guess it's just the perpetuation of the specis.

Anyway, here are some photos of the new grandbaby. The vital stats are:

Cannon Cole Riley
4:48pm Sept 3, 2002
      7lbs 19inches

Brett & D'Ann Riley

Connie Riley
John & Joanne Riley
Gene & Mary Lou Mahanney

(as usual, click on the little picture to get the big picture)

baby.jpg (90744 bytes)
You know who.
baby1.jpg (111985 bytes)
You know who 2
daddy.jpg (128948 bytes)
The Dad
grandma.jpg (171054 bytes)
Gramma Connie

Dontcha think that with genes like these this kid's got to be a winner?!

Well, stay tuned for the next twenty years or so and watch what happens!


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