December 2002

Well, the Fuji S2 is less than spectacular. Oh, the camera is alright... but their service and quality are very, very bad. 

After returning my first S2 body because it had a sensor spot on the bottom right edge and had power problems, I got another body with a similar sensor spot. There is a grizzly story about FedEx and the Fuji company that I don't want to speak about here. 

Photos from December are mostly done with the S2 unless otherwise indicated.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

HotelStJames.jpg (34555 bytes)
Xmas Eve. Hotel St. James. ISO 1600.
Coke.jpg (50166 bytes)
A Photoshop photo. Augmented red posts.
Dancing.jpg (23587 bytes)
ISO 1600 available light inside a nightclub. I love this shot!
Dancing2.jpg (28115 bytes)
Surreal image from the nightclub. This is actual... not enhanced at all.
MerryXmas4.jpg (34057 bytes)
A quiet night at the SRO (Single Resident Occupancy).
MerryXmas2.jpg (56022 bytes)
Assiago's on 4th. Not many revelers.
MerryXmas3.jpg (54378 bytes)
These Officers are on their way to apprehend a reveler. 
MerryXmas1.jpg (56227 bytes)
Merry Xmas, Officer. Not a good night for this fellow. They gave him a choice and he decided to go to jail. 
Hair1.jpg (40349 bytes)
Follicle challenged.
Wall1.jpg (12881 bytes)
Three walls from Sea World. Ah, the good old Ektachrome days. 
Wall2.jpg (26765 bytes)
I admit that I goosed the blue a bit. It was like this in my mind's eye, though. 
Wall3.jpg (19056 bytes)
I swear that nothing was done to the yellow. I love these colors. 

The bird man. I goosed contrast a little. Well, ok, a lot. I need to do some work on this in Photoshop instead of Paintshop. When I get done it will be exactly what I saw in my head. 


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