July 2002 Photo Page

The theme this month is Travel and Flowers. I really love flowers. I love to look at them but not to cultivate them. Diana and I have an agreement that works really well. She pays attention to dirt and plants and I take care of concrete and wood.  

NYC1.jpg (46125 bytes)  NYC2.jpg (42049 bytes)  NYC6.jpg (36377 bytes)
New York City?

Yep. We went to New York for a traveling show and were lucky enough to fly into La Guardia on the river approach. Here are some of the photos. 

"Joke on you. Whole island solid concrete. Nothing grow except in little area in the middle."

"Yep, and they're tap dancin' on dirt, too!"*
(All G2 and extensively altered in brightness and contrast.) 

*thanks to Stan Freeburg

updated 04/16/04

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