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WischPhoto is on the web. Two different interests... PP&T and Nature. PP&T (People, Places and Things) will be posted by month. You will be able to read the description of the photos for each month and then can go to a thumbnail menu to view the image. It is a little cumbersome but has to be done to make this page load in less than a light year.

Nature will be dumped on one thumbnail page with nothing but images. I don't know what these things are anyway, so I am just putting them up here because I like them.  

All images have been downsized to 800 x 600 lo rez .jpg's to make them easier to post on the net. If you like them, I will print you a high quality copy and even pick up the postage to mail them because I get a rush from these things! Email your request and should you wish to follow it up with a check, make it payable to "Nowell Wisch." 

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December 2002 Some very nice things here. Sea World, interesting night shots in downtown San Diego.

November 2002

Mexico, and more to come

October 2002

Miramar Air Show (see Diana's Page) Some good stuff here. Two of my favorites. The sunset and the lantern. 

July 2002

Oregon Trip and New York City

June 2002 JCC theater, Lloyd Cook funeral, SF bridge, signs

MAY 2002

Alex and trains. DFW shots.

March 2002

So. Carolina trip with Bruce

January 2002

General Subjects. good sunsets, shooting, Diana sleeping










My Camera History

 Nikon 8700

The first impression of this camera is positively amazing. It is an 8 mp camera with a 10x (35mm-280mm) optical zoom.

The camera shoots in NEF raw format and allows you to use a 6 AA cell battery grip with a vertical shutter release and zoom lever. 

After using the camera for a couple of weeks I am firmly convinced that it is a terrible camera for the money. It further reinforces my opinion that Nikon simply doesn't perform in the way that I want a digital camera to perform. 

As soon as I can find a replacement for it, it goes on ebay.

See the total review here

Fuji FinePix S2 Pro

There are no words to describe how much better this camera is than the Canon D30.

I had been dreading moving to the D60 because it was not much better, except for the higher resolution.

I looked at the Nikon D100 and the Fuji and decided on the FinePix Pro S2 body and the Nikon SB 80DX flash with a Nikkor 18-35mm f3.5 zoom on the front.

So far, so good. It is a little small for my hand and I do not like the placement of the secondary choice wheel directly under the on/off switch. I frequently turn the camera off when making an adjustment.

The flash, however, is very, very good.

Canon has a lot of catching up to do in auto-focus and flash exposure.  

Nikon N80


Canon G2

I bought the G2 for the resolution, and because it is small and light enough to carry every day. I am never without it. 

It even has a great fill in flash and has become my best camera. 

I purchased a newly refurbished one when I gave the old one to Rachael, then I gave the refurbished one to Jeannine. 

After all these years, I still think the G2 is one of the best cameras I've ever owned. 



Nikon N90S

The N90S is the best film camera I've ever owned. It uses my favorite lens, the 24-120 Zoom. 

The SB28 flash, in combination with the camera makes an unbeatable camera for outdoor work. 

Most of my film photos are taken with this camera. 

Sure would like to get  into Nikon Professional Services as I am with Canon.

Canon D30

I traded my Leica M6TTL for this SLR type digital camera. I really like it however, the 3.2 mega pixel resolution doesn't cut it anymore for my work. 

I am happy with many of the features and the lenses, but there is lots of room for improvement, particularly in low light auto focus and flash exposure. It is not a serious camera for photojournalism. 

The fellow who bought it will find it more that adequate to the task and he will love the quality. The IS lenses are superb.


Leica M6 TTL

I'd wanted to go to Paris and be Henri Cartier-Bresson for many years. Therefore, my 50th Birthday present had to be a Leica camera

Cartier-Bresson was Leica to me. No Leica, no Paris. 

I was happy to have it but I was happier to get rid of it. It was a very good camera that was very difficult for me to operate. It had too much reliance on my worsening vision.

The Leica SF 20 flash was, without any doubt the very best flash I've ever used. It was flawless. 

I got my money's worth. 


Nikon 990

The 990 was the first electronic camera I bought that took great pictures. 

I gave it to my daughter who doesn't like it and intends to give it back. I will give it to my younger daughter, who, if she doesn't like it, will let me give it to someone who will appreciate it.

It's a 2.2 mega pixel camera that really works well, and it uses AA batteries.


Novotron 240ws Studio Strobe

I have three heads for this system and it has done Herculean duty over the years.

With my LUNA PRO flash meter, I'm very good with this equipment.

InterFit Monolight
(Studio Strobe)

Not enough experience with this 250ws Monolight yet.

Looks good so far, though.

Updated 11/17/02

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