Marilyn Green has a 50th Birthday

MarilynGown.jpg (55911 bytes)

We got in a car, drove to a boat, rowed to Catalina Island and trooped up the hill to the Zane Gray Lodge just to celebrate Marilyn becoming an old broad.

Don't let her gown fool you. Naturally, she looks gorgeous. She claims that she whipped the gown up in an afternoon from old  upholstery fabric that she found in a dumpster outside of a  Mexican sweatshop or it was from an old Mexican sweatshirt. It was  something like that. But, she also closed her eyes just to piss me off when I said "THREE". 

We had a terrific time. These photos will give you the idea. There are others available but you have to have a subscription to the adult site. If you would like a password, just send me a hundred bucks in small bills. Trust me... it is worth it just for the shots of Toni and Allen and Herm and Goldie. (Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice... eat your heart out!)

(As usual, click on the small photo to get the big picture.)

AllenToniMarilynSandra1.jpg (39749 bytes)
We wanted a life sized Marilyn cutout doll but the one we got was naked. We decided that the real thing was more appropriate, or appealing. I can't remember... it was some "A" word.
HermGoldieMarilyn2.jpg (50016 bytes)
Naturally, no gathering of the Usual's would be complete without a drunkin' sailor somewhere.
Group1LoRez.jpg (39444 bytes)
It's a Green Production which means that Myrna Loy or William Powell can't be far afield. 

But, I must say, we do, as a group, look freakin' AWESOME!

HermGoldie1.jpg (64809 bytes)
Herm and Goldie dress better than this at home. 


They dressed down to come here.

HermGoldieMarilyn1.jpg (49580 bytes) NowellDJ2.jpg (47842 bytes) HermAllen1.jpg (55068 bytes)
If you didn't know better, you'd think these guys are already lit.
SandraMGParty1.jpg (68591 bytes)
If you knew better, you'd know she IS already lit!

And, we don't mean the cigarette holder, either.

ToniAllenMarilyn2.jpg (54535 bytes) Group2LoRez.jpg (30106 bytes)
Marilyn made us walk down the mountain.

In heels.

And long dresses.

And that was just the guys!

MR-DjToniAllenNcw.jpg (38842 bytes) MR-Herm1.jpg (38418 bytes)
Just before leaving the phone booth, he was dressed in red jammies with a big "S" on his chest.
MR-Dean.jpg (45286 bytes)
Various celebrants at dinner.
MR-BillEllenBevCarl.jpg (52384 bytes) MR-DarrelNancyDianeGerald.jpg (52401 bytes) MR-RalphAngelaCindyJim.jpg (45129 bytes)
MR-MarSAndra.jpg (60212 bytes) MR-ToniAllenDJme.jpg (41067 bytes) MR-MarcPiano.jpg (23089 bytes)
Marc was allowed to eat as long as he promised to play the piano.

Later we got to shoot him.

MarcPiano.jpg (40819 bytes)
HermGoldieBkfst1.jpg (62631 bytes) SandraCindyBkfst1.jpg (50376 bytes) ToniAllenBkfst1.jpg (58441 bytes) MR-MarCindyCarlCindy.jpg (47268 bytes)
ZaneGrayFrom Harbor.jpg (29711 bytes)
The view from below.
MGZaneGrayPano.jpg (58250 bytes)

This will blow up to a big photo of the inside of the Zane Gray Lodge.


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