The July Trip

We did a road trip after doing a show in San Francisco and making calls up the coast. We took the 4th of July off and spent the weekend in Oregon. Here are some of the neat things we saw:

As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture

The two of us in the Garden of Earthly Delights
DJ found this neat place where sea lions meet to eat. This lighthouse was across the way.

Lighthouse1.jpg (38872 bytes)

The coast where the sea lion cave is.

SeaLion1.jpg (56267 bytes)

See? Sea lions!

SeaLionCave1.jpg (53765 bytes)

The botanical garden had beautiful views around every corner.

Diana is just thisssss big!

Diana speaks with an animal. I think she is saying, "Como se llama?"

ComoSeLLama.jpg (45814 bytes)

Coos Bay harbor just before our party began.

CBharbor1.jpg (22294 bytes)

Everyone loves a duck!

Duck1.jpg (20638 bytes)

The city of Coos Bay Oregon held an 18th Anniversary party for us on July 4th, which happens to be our anniversary! It was quite a to-do with fireworks and thousands of people coming out to celebrate with us! 
(All D30 f22, 10sec.)

CBFirework1.jpg (71574 bytes)  CBFirework2.jpg (39911 bytes)  CBFirework3.jpg (30867 bytes)

3 Views of Mt. Shasta. You choose your favorite. I like them all. No modifications unless you count a polarizer filter which I didn't know would work on the digital cameras. 
(The left and middle are D30 and the right is G2) 

Shasta1.jpg (26205 bytes)  Shasta2.jpg (15136 bytes)  Shasta3.jpg (20273 bytes)

A panoramic of the Mt. Shasta valley from the northwest.

PanoShasta1sm.jpg (21429 bytes)


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