Flora & Fauna Photos

I really have begun to pay attention to flowers and plants. As I take more photos of them, I find more variety in the world. Since I like them, I photograph the ones I find interesting. Since I find them interesting, I hope you will, too. Here are my favorites.

All images have been downsized to 800 x 600 lo rez .jpg's to make them easier to post on the net. If you like them, I will print you a high quality copy and even pick up the postage to mail them because I get a rush from these things! Email your request and should you wish to follow it up with a check, make it payable to "Nowell Wisch."  

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Fl090702_1.jpg (49110 bytes)  FL090702_6.jpg (47706 bytes)  Fl090702_2.jpg (73667 bytes)  Fl090702_3.jpg (75036 bytes)  


Updated 9/8/02

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