Alex on February 10, 2002

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Eggs at Jimmy's, Pop Pop!
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" I think I'll have the breakfast."
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"Hey Dad, let's go to the Auto Show."
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"This is called jelly. Can I smear some on my nose?"
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"I love you, mommy. Let's play fish lips."
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"This kid is sooooo funny!"

Grandma and I are sitting with the fireman who put out the fire near grandma's house. (see story)

I got to climb on a fire truck at the street fair! It was pretty cool. I won't tell them I was scared. The get concerned easily.


I get to pretend that I'm driving the fire truck. I'm not really fooled, however, I have to humor PopPop and Grandma or they get disappointed.


We're having a good time, right? Who do you think is having more fun here?


Grandpa is what? bored? Yes, that's it... he is bored. Maybe he is hoping for a Gomez Adams.


Here I am seriously jazzed. I liked climbing around this stage coach as much as I liked running around the intersection.




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