Thanksgiving Day 2001
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Photos from Thanksgiving 2001 at the Wisch Family Estate. We had 21 people including:

Nowell - Diana
Rachael - Jeannine
Damian - Aaron
Anna - Alex
Roz - Tim

Marie - Perry
Jody - Alex
Matt - Joe & Seren
David - Amy - Elija
Annie KornDog

The Thanksgiving art project was The Visible Cow. No, I am not kidding.
We painted cows. It was a good idea. 


Everyone resisted it at the start but got into it as you will see.
We are going to install the cows on the sidewalks of the train layout.
It is a public art project. I hope it doesn't look stupid.

Click on the photo to enlarge:

painter1.jpg (50287 bytes)

Cow painters hard at work painting cows.


painter2.jpg (47902 bytes)

More painters painting cows.


painter3.jpg (53660 bytes)

Still more painters painting... and a cow chip in a pear tree... oh shut up!

painter4.jpg (57926 bytes)

Stillllll more....oh heck, you get the idea.


cow2.jpg (33394 bytes)

cow3.jpg (62502 bytes)

cow5.jpg (34457 bytes)

cow6.jpg (26544 bytes)

DJcow1.jpg (42605 bytes)


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