More photos from our Alaska Trip
August 2001

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I found these photos hiding in a folder on the website and you may have missed them.

(as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

A-Crabs1.jpg (17658 bytes)
We caught a case of the crabs on the trip. Imagine finding these babies in your short. 
CPTKENT.jpg (9273 bytes)
Capt. Kent.
DBever1.jpg (29668 bytes)
We rode a Beaver like this one. Actually, it was this one, just not on this flight.
DHBeaverGroup.jpg (26996 bytes)
See? This is the previous Beaver on the ground with us ready to fly.
DHBeaverNWDJ1.jpg (12159 bytes)
I can even prove we were in the Beaver.
DHBever2.jpg (44979 bytes)
Beaver redux. 
DJ-1.jpg (18434 bytes)
DJ-Fish4.jpg (18690 bytes)
Diana fishing.
DJhappy2.jpg (13006 bytes)
Diana laughing at my ridiculous captions. 
DJ-MG1.jpg (22301 bytes)
Maria and DJ.
DJSunset2.jpg (9811 bytes)
Just another spectacular sunset with my sweetie in it.
map1.jpg (32126 bytes)
map2.jpg (33182 bytes)
Map, again, but not of the previous place.
map3.jpg (32857 bytes)
Yet another map with pink lines showing our route.
DuelingPhotogs1.jpg (29245 bytes)
If I listen really hard I can hear the sound of banjo's in the background. (Dueling Photog's)

"De de de, de de, de de, de de..."

GroupForest.jpg (27949 bytes)
At the beginning of the hike in the forest.
IceBlock1.jpg (20418 bytes)
On the rocks.
MariePerryPeterBeach1.jpg (29715 bytes)
Rabbit Ears.
MG-Fish2.jpg (22077 bytes)
MG with Fish.
NWDJ1.jpg (19344 bytes)
Cutie and Me.
NWDJKayak4.jpg (23762 bytes)
Cutie and Me in a kayak.
NWDJPMJSkiff1.jpg (28204 bytes)
We're returning with a bad case of the crabs. 
PA-CanneryBay.jpg (10654 bytes)
Cannery Bay.
PA-Flower2.jpg (14930 bytes)
PA-Forest1.jpg (18213 bytes)
This was very near the place that Perry found the pile of bear shit that led to the story of the Bear Bell and Pepper Spray.
PMJfish2.jpg (21064 bytes)
Perry, before the next photo. 
PMJ-Fish5.jpg (11596 bytes)
Perry is trying to not get his but kicked by a halibut.

(Get it?)

(He He He!)

RachelBW1.jpg (46165 bytes)
Rachel in Black and White.
ScannerHand1.jpg (9281 bytes)
I have no idea what this is.
Sunset1.jpg (14530 bytes)
A sweetie-less sunset.

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