HDRsoft Photomatix Pro

High Dynamic Range is a feature included in Photoshop CS3 and above. The principle under which it operates is simple, but complex. Dynamic Range is the ratio of tones of light that can be captured by a device from pure black to pure white. In photographic terms, this is expressed in "stops" (each "stop" is twice or half as much as the previous or next in the sequence. f2.8 is twice as much light as f1.4 and half as much as f4.5.) 

The human eye has the most dynamic range of any visual device. Film cameras have less, but more than a digital camera sensor. The ideal condition is to approximate the human eye's dynamic range as closely as is possible. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to do so without really good software or printing techniques.

I have recently started exploring HDR photography, mostly for night shots. When I read a review of Photomatix Pro in Rangefinder Magazine, I tried it and bought it. You can see why in the following examples.

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

3 shot sequence- Albany New York
-1 stop
+1 stop



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