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April 25, 2009

A second round of images demonstrating how versatile this is.

The Gigapan EPIC 100

I first saw the results of this at the Microsoft Photo Summit several years ago. They showed a several hundred image exposure taken with one of the prototypes of this device. The photo was a panorama of downtown Seattle and the resolution was beyond belief. I offered them a blank check for one but it was a few years away from available.

Last year, they offered the EPIC for sale at $100.00 off and I bought it before checking if my camera would work. It wouldn't so I had to return it. Last month they released the EPIC 100 and I got mine today. Here is my first Gigapan taken about a half hour after receiving it. I watched the video and learned how to set it up. It was really easy.

The panorama is 12 columns by 3 rows for a total of 36 images. It took about 25 minutes to stitch together. The box in the panorama is the area of the 100% image.

Just say "WOW" or, "Holy S*&$ !!!"

Go to their website for more information: Gigapan Systems

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

This is a way to include yourself in the photo. Of course, you need to not stitch your face from four images or you look ridiculous.


Click on the little images below. These are from the blow up sections at 100%.

  This is what the image was made from:

The 3 Rows by 12 Column Panorama. The yellow box is the 100% section.


The Gigapan EPIC 100

The 100% section


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