May 2002

AATouchdown1.jpg (14325 bytes)
Sometimes you get to sit by the window and see neat things. I have been traveling a lot and enjoy aerial shots. This was at DFW (Dallas/Ft Worth) just before take-off.


DrZorba.jpg (47321 bytes)
A very bad hair day! 
Alex, DJ and I went to the San Diego Railroad Museum. It was a very hot, low humidity day with a lot of wind. 

Alex hasn't had a haircut yet. The wind just loves him.(G2)


Sky.jpg (13625 bytes)
The sky's the limit.

I love clouds and blue sky. This is not spectacular. It's just interesting. If you want to play with the contrast a little, you can have some fun. (G2)


DFWLineup1.jpg (14869 bytes)
Lots of planes want to take off at DFW. (G2)


GhostKid.jpg (55235 bytes)
This is a very cool train car being restored at the San Diego Railroad Museum. Notice the kid in the window. 

I did a lot of after work on this image with contrast and sharpness boosts. (G2)



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