March 2003

Lots of different themes this month. I have some of my favorites done in March. For example, the baby on the floor is a top ten in my opinion and I had to work hard to get it. Everything is done with the S2 Fuji. Lots of normal Photoshopping, not much in the way of stupid camera tricks.

BabyFloor1.jpg (26941 bytes)
I had a great time doing this photo. I stalked the baby from afar so Momma wouldn't get angry, then I did lots of cropping, color balancing and contrast boosting.
AlexOnTrain1.jpg (38603 bytes)
Alex on the San Diego Trolley. Verrrrry little augmentation here. Just a little sharpening.
NeenMural1.jpg (45674 bytes)
Neen and I were on the way to dinner in San Mateo and I saw this mural. She sat down and the rest is, well, the rest of the story.
OnRamp1.jpg (32422 bytes)
An On Ramp from the balcony of the Milpenis Embassy Suites. 
OnRamp3.jpg (42333 bytes)
Same On Ramp with lots of camera shake.
ParkingLot1.jpg (26295 bytes)
The parking lot after Digital SHO gets done with it. 

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