July 2002 Photo Page

The theme this month is Travel and Flowers. I really love flowers. I love to look at them but not to cultivate them. Diana and I have an agreement that works really well. She pays attention to dirt and plants and I take care of concrete and wood.  

Diana and I took a trip to Portland on business and pleasure at the beginning of the month. We drove up the coast of California and Oregon. Here are some of the places we encountered along the way. 

As we traveled up the coast of California and Oregon, The Theme changed. First I thought The Theme this month would be TRAVEL BY MORV. Then, as our attention changed, I added RED to the theme. I got hypersensitive to the color red in the world. As I added RED images, I also noticed BLUE. Then we started looking at organic stuff like flowers, trees and vegetables. Hence, the disjointed effort this month.

Later on, we ended the month in New York state. Some really great photos from that trip, including a fascinating  visit to the Corning Glass Works. 

as usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture

NYC1.jpg (46125 bytes)  NYC2.jpg (42049 bytes)  NYC6.jpg (36377 bytes)
"Newww Yorrrrrk City?"

Yep. We went to New York for a traveling show and were lucky enough to fly into La Guardia on the river approach. Imagine what these photos would look like if it had been a clear day? I'd retire on the stock photo proceeds. 

"Joke on you. Whole island solid concrete. Nothing grow except in little area in the middle."

"You get a good sound out of those moccasins." 
"Yep, and they're tap dancin' on dirt, too!"*

(All G2 and extensively altered in brightness and contrast.) 

*thanks to Stan Freberg


Mendocino Botanical Garden


0702-3000.jpg (73070 bytes)

0702-3037.jpg (56423 bytes)

0702-3016.jpg (31705 bytes)

0702-2996.jpg (56455 bytes)

0702-2992.jpg (72948 bytes)


0702_2972.jpg (58935 bytes)
We stop at the botanical garden after work.

0702_3197.jpg (35164 bytes)
Diana on the beach.

0702_7391.JPG (20579 bytes)
the moon is a balloon...

0702_7399.JPG (51592 bytes)

0702_7412.JPG (49286 bytes)

0702-3080.jpg (50195 bytes)
"I'm only thissssss big!"

0702-3082.jpg (74133 bytes)

0703_7475.JPG (40018 bytes)
"Hum, I wonder what this is?" 
(I hope it doesn't bite!)

0703_7489.JPG (77172 bytes)
An "altacocker"?

0703_7506.JPG (42165 bytes)
I'd be lion if I said I didn't like this photo.

0703-7523.JPG (32394 bytes)
Don'tcha think Marilyn needs one of these? ("Here Rita.... here Rita")

Lens70mm.jpg (88428 bytes)Lens300mm.jpg (73801 bytes)
A 70-300mm lens on a digital camera makes it a 105-460mm.

PanoCoosBay-sm.jpg (33945 bytes)
Coos Bay Oregon where we stopped for the 4th.






0702_7369.JPG (33570 bytes)
They look good enough to eat if you eat such things.

0702_7373.JPG (47379 bytes)
Gilroy watch out.

0702-2970-2.jpg (89312 bytes)
Heavy wood, man.

0702-2993.jpg (46801 bytes)

0702-3069.jpg (46930 bytes)
Too much sharpening filter for my liking but an interesting silhouette.

0702-3076.jpg (90366 bytes)


I just love the color red. Every now and again I look for red in nature and find images like this.

Img_3268.jpg (85511 bytes)

IMG_3342.JPG (53136 bytes)

Img_3343.jpg (68230 bytes)

Img_3344.jpg (67971 bytes)

IMG_7615.JPG (53120 bytes)

Img_7623.jpg (46002 bytes)

IMG_7629.JPG (28715 bytes)

Img_7646.jpg (64347 bytes)

Img_7682.jpg (28139 bytes)

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