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New Trier West High School
September 1965 - June 1968
Updated: 10/13/08

Thanks to the following people for their help:

Bob Luedeka, Rich Waite, Jack Weiner, Jeff Rich(NTW '69), Ellen SternWendy Bogolub Nishi, Rich Milne, Louis Wu, Marji Black, Mark Nudelman,

The Reunion was September 20, 2008 at

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria - Buffalo Grove
85 S Buffalo Grove Rd
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089
(847) 215-7100

I attended New Trier West for three years, graduating in the first class to be released from that august academy of higher learning. Along the way, I discovered a thing and a person that changed my life forever. The thing was a Leica IIIf camera my father lent me and the person was Dave Currie, the man who taught me to use it. I started shooting photos for the newspaper and yearbook and ultimately wound up working for the yearbook exclusively (it suited my style of photojournalism). I also developed an unappreciated sense of larceny in the service of history and stole several hundred yearbook negatives that would have been lost for posterity had I not. (That's my story and I'm stickin' to it, you lawyers in the group...)

My only contact with former classmates has been with Jeff Rich NTW '69 (my Marine Corp buddy) and Bob Luedeka NTW '68. Bob delivered me to the Reunion email list (although he did apologize the next day). When I discovered my negative file (on a search for crutches in my garage attic... long and boring story) it became clear that my mission is to contribute to the memories of those who attended NTW with me. So, because I can, I must and I shall.

Please send me the identities of people in the photos when you know them, to:



(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

Row Column A Column B Column C Column D Column E
Maryann (Ann) Baker and Sue Erickson

Barbara Venet

Richard Milne
Amy Gunther

Larry Pifer

Nancy Marks
Nowell Wisch

John Lansky
Cindy Brown

Kurt Goethal

Richard Milne
Bob Luedeka
Sue Loth
Ellen Stern
Jeff Fox

Michael Saudinaitis
Wendy Bogolub

Michael Saudinaitis
Barbara Venet

Debbie Henry
(married Jeff Morrison)

Louis Wu (Kent Petri in background)
Jeff Lewis

Mark Nudelman

Nowell Wisch
Kathy Lemon ( with coat open) and????

Paul  Knupfer ("Ann Margret is the only student I ever had who bothered me. My knees
got weak every time she came into my classroom.")
16 NTW Drama Department Photos from Richard Waite (present day photo on left)

Marla Frumkin, Dale Mers (who is no longer with us), Steve Chapman, John Tauber, Mark Yates, Rob Castil

Wendy Bogolub (standing) sitting -Kathy Schroeder, Gail Dault, and ?????

Rich and Julie Milne, Nowell Wisch, Jeff and Larissa Rich on March 7, 2008
Ellen Coolidge at, and before, NTW


Submission Acknowledgments



Dear Nowell,
This is quite an amazing website.  Thanks so much for putting up these photos.  Why you have a picture of me in this series is beyond me.  I kept a pretty low profile in high school.  I am D13 with Ken Petri in the background.  This may be 1967 or 1968 when we were either taking US History over the summer or a computer class together.  I remember Ken as having the neatest printing / handwriting at NTW.  Very bright guy, I think he went to Yale.
I have been practicing internal medicine for over 28 years and have lived in California since 1980.  I went to Carleton College after NTW and then medical school at the University of Chicago.  I have been in recent contact with Jeannie Shu ('68) who is up in the state of Washington.  I will point her to your website to help name some of the people in your photos. 
Richard Milne is the older brother of Robert who I knew pretty well at New Trier, we were in the same Home Room with Mr. Howell, math teacher.  If you can get me in touch with Robert, it would be quite a kick.
Thanks again for the terrific photos.
Louis Wu, class of 1969



Nowell  - Are you sure it wasn't Mr. McCloskey who said that about Ann Margaret in 10th grade English? I will never forget that he defined the SAT word "sultry" by describing how Ann Margaret walked into his room. Marji Black



Nowell I'm hurt and possibly depressed that you didn't recognize me! Column B Row 11,  is Wendy Bogolub, former Vestiges Lay-out Editor who drove you and Milne crazy. I think I can pull myself together. It's really wonderful that you have all of these photos. Also Column B Row 3 is Amy Gunther.  She graduated a semester early or maybe a year early. I'll try to figure out some more. I was just very surprised to see me. Great photos ! We all look so impossibly young!!!!!


Ellen Stern here, hailing from Piedmont, California.
Thanks for doing this.  I may get inspired to go through my own photos
and see what I have.  I am inundated with photos from my dad of Stern's
Camera, and haven't begun to get through hardly anything.
So, in 10B, I am the one looking to my left, leaning on my hand, with
an expression of complete boredom.  It is really challenging to see all
of these faces and try to remember who they are.  It is interesting to
have a college freshman at UCDavis and a high school sophomore and see
that things don't seem all that different from our high school days, at
least in some ways.  Last week I just happened to find my college
freshman ID and for a moment I thought it was my college freshman
daughter's ID.  We look that much alike.
Best to you, Ellen

Bob Luedeka:
C15 is Paul  Knupfer (I'll find spelling of his name).  He was a
history teacher and I remember him for one of the greatest quotes
ever heard during my entire education experience....

"Ann Margret is the only student I ever had who bothered me. My knees
got weak every time she came into my classroom."



13b is Debbie Henry who married Jeff Morrison
11d is Jeff Fox
14b is Jeff Lewis
14d is Marc Nudelman

Jack Weiner
Flint Financial Services,Ltd.
54 Meadowview Drive
Winnetka,Illinois 60093
Office: 847 446-4408
Fax:    847 446-4409
Cell :   847 682-7090



Hi Nowell,

     Gee, that was quick. You're a man of action. Thanks for posting my stuff on your site, it was kind of a thrill to see those photos there. How odd, though - I thought I knew a lot of people at NTW, but of the photos you posted I only recognized two people out of the whole lot, and one of them wasn't a student, it was that cop in C3. You may remember my brief foray into the world of petty crime during my senior year... well, that cop, Larry Pifer, was the guy who busted me. We actually became good friends a few years later. Also, the guy in B6 is Kurt Goethal who I went to elementary school with at Sunset Ridge. He's in the "In Memoriam" section of the NTW website.
     It's fine with me if you post my email to the reunion website although I will be sending out a "Hi Y'all" message there soon. I just discovered this rich resource and am just getting started reaching out. The site was inactive for a couple years but recently Marcia Purse has gotten things going again. Thank God for that girl.
Without the website I never would have been able to find you or anyone else again.
     You mentioned something about your health... I hope it's not anything dire. I sometimes feel that I won't live to a ripe old age myself. My prayers are with you.
You have so much to live for - a beautiful family, which I don't have.  I never married. Oh well.
     Your travelling schedule on your website - are those sales conventions or what? I do a lot of travelling in my job too, if I see that there will be a conjunction in our schedules sometime, I'll give you a call, maybe we can meet somewhere. I'll
put my ph# and address this time.
      Again, as Bob Hope would say, thanks for the memories.  Keep in touch.

                                                   Thanks,   Rich

5333 Yvette Ave.
El Paso, Texas  79924-4645



Hello Nowell!

     I was on the NTW '68 website last night and found the link to your website, logged on and found the photos you posted. Thanks! What memories.
     I was moved by your tribute to Dave Curry and how he taught and inspired you in the field of Photography. I was inspired in a similar way by his colleague, John Stenvall of the Art Department, who, very few people realize because he was the Art teacher, was a great photographer himself. Do you remember him? He was quite a colorful faculty member, hard to forget.
     Red Buerger and John Baumhart, the Drama teachers were also major contributors to my "glory days" at NTW.
     Of course, my greatest claim to fame in those days was being the drummer for "The Maniacs". I KNOW you remember that band! Do you have any pictures of us at any of the many dances we played for?  I have none.  Gerry Grossman is still gigging to this day, making him the most dedicated musician of us all. He has his own website, "Gerry Grossman, The Human Jukebox".
     You wrote in your website that you welcome any photos anyone might have.
Well, I'm gonna send you a few. They're from plays the Drama Department presented, "Bernardine", "Our Town" and "A Thurber Carnival". You'll see Marla Frumkin, Dale Mers (who is no longer with us), Steve Chapman, John Tauber, Mark Yates, Rob Castil and a few who I don't remember but you may. Also, one of myself as I am today, in case you're curious. I hope you enjoy them and post them on your website.
     All this reaching into the past is emotionally stirring. I'm going to try to attend the 40th reunion, if there is one. I missed the 30th. Maybe we'll see each other there. Are you still in the Chicago area? I've been living in El Paso, Texas for 28
years. (!!!) The desert Southwest suits me.
     Well, old classmate, I hope this gesture pleases you. Respond if you feel inclined, I'd love to hear from you.

                                          Fondly,    Rich Waite



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