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Our friends make such a valuable contribution to our lives that they deserve a page of their own. Here, you will find what has happened to them and what they find of interest. Thanks, everybody... we really love you all.

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        To Come

Dawsons in Pre-Scott
To Come

Some Silverstein Photos from 1996
Added September 2008

Nathan & Company 1985
To Come

97 San Diego Pops with Marilyn and Marc
Added September 2008

95 Hawaii Trip with Ed and Sandra
Added September 2008

Montalbano in 85
September, 2003

Marilyn Green Painting Party
September 9, 2006

Maria's Holland trip
Daryl and Vivi's 30th Anniversary
September 3, 2006

Huston Labor Day Party

Dawson Shoots Well
October 14, 2005

Kim Sweeney
December 19, 2004

Margaret Cook Holiday Party
September 9, 2006

Maria's Birthday Dinner
December 19, 2004

Sandra's 70th Birthday Party

Herm & Goldie's Holiday Party
September 14, 2006

Red Hat Ladies
May 22, 2005

Bay Bridge Walk with Perry and Maria

Joe Huston's Big Bear Bash

Barry, Dee and Karyn in Seattle
May 23, 2005

Sandra gets a Star Award



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