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Guys with Guns
...and Scientist
October 18, 2008
(Click Here to read the "Back Story" of Guys with Guns)

This was our last GWG for 2008 so it should have been memorable and it was. The girls congregated here before the event then piled into a van and went to visit Diana and hang at our home. We had a resident physisist in the form of Karl's brother Tom, and, of even more cosmic import, we had Butch, Marc's next door neighbor! He finally decided to check out all the cursing and noise for himself. He was not disappointed.

Joe Huston and Steve Rush couldn't make it but we gave Joe a tribute by watching his YouTube "Tall Tales" Movie (Click Here). We also continued the Mentos/Diet Coke experiment started last time.


The Movies
NOTE: Movies open in a NEW WINDOW.
(Click here if you need the QuickTime Movie Viewer)

Herm on the Range

RAMBO Dustman

MENTOS Experiment Redux

(Click on the little picture to see the big picture.)

The official group photo.

A good dinner was had by all.

The girls rejoined us for cookies and dessert.

These guys are St. Augustine Alumni. (Or maybe not... I wasn't listening.)

Joe Huston couldn't be with us so we watched his YouTube movie.


The "Truth, the Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth" (except where we can get away with a good lie)
about the origins of "Guys with Guns".

We're not completely sure about how this tradition began. The first recorded incident of a gathering at Marc Rossi's house is in mid 2000 when Tom, Marc, Herm and Nowell convened to smoke a few cigars, drink some booze and shoot the shit.

The first Guys with Guns incident was held on June 7, 2002, when we did all the above and added shooting the only pellet pistol we owned, a Crosman 1911 Model .45 Auto copy.

Marc's place is perfect for these events. He's (until recently) without female adult supervision, lives in an isolated region of civilization, has a wide variety of alcoholic spirits, an inventive mind, a willingness to be led to the slaughter of morality and civility, and he possesses a wide circle of friends who willingly him in the trek toward debauchery and moral decay. In short, he is the perfect guy to know if you want to have some fun.

The core group (except for Tom, who was a participant, not a founder) Marc, Nowell and Herm have served as the catalyst for what has become one of the most sought after invitations to a social event in San Diego, the "Guys with Guns and..." night. Here, in relative safety, we escape our fetters, shackles and wives to enjoy the things that fetters, shackles and wives disapprove of; guns, cigars, strong drink, dirty jokes, ridicule, political incorrectness and, generally, anything else degenerate that we can think of.

Each event has an overarching theme that is not (usually) planned in advance. Yes, the broad strokes are painted but the details evolve as participants bring their skills to the table. The food is diverse and the liquor tends to be Port or Scotch. Cigars are supplied by the most capable but many tend to bring their interpretation of what a fine cigar should be but usually is not. We discourage their participation in this process but they don't usually cooperate and bring crappy cigars anyway. (This is met with an unrelenting and politically incorrect commentary by the purveyor of really good cigars... me, the author.)



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