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CNWRR on December 15, 2008

With only a couple of exceptions, the track is working. Now, with the help of Atlas' Parts Department, we are getting ready to hook up all the turnout wires that took the better part of this year to wire in. The turnouts will be connected to the switch control boxes on the control panel using a wiring harness that I designed after a night of debauchery, a pepperoni pizza, three beers and a quart of Pepto. The basic cabling uses some 7 conductor sprinkler system wire I had left over from the yard improvements and I crimped quick disconnectors to them so we can make changes as needed.

Today's photos are of the work in progress. We may be running trains on the layout later this month depending upon when we get parts.

(As usual, click on the little picture to see the big picture)

The track diagram and a tentative switch control box layout. Given how things are going, it will look different when finished.

A collection of sprinkler wire with quick disconnects attached.

This is much harder to do than it looks. It is also more time consuming.

The control panel from underneath. I am wiring the switch control boxes to wire strips for easier maintenance. I don't know what I'm doing.

Alex just loves to stage elaborate "Gomez Adams" accidents.

This is one of the more elaborate ones that involved passenger trains, freight trains and a few innocent bystanders.

Our dilapidated farmhouse with cows and tractors.



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